Experienced Practitioner

Worlds Yoga has challenging & Intermediate classes: Ashtanga, Intermediate Iyengar, & Tibetan Heart Yoga.  These classes are all designed to take you deeper into your practice. Ashtanga will challenge your strength & flexibility; Tibetan Heart Yoga taps into your subtle body energy; and Intermediate Iyengar is an amazing class to build alignment that will strengthen your foundation and set you up for a safer and better practice for years to come.

At the heart of a yoga practice you have quietness: the ability to be agenda-free, sensitive, gentle and open to all the possibilities. Focus is the intense listening to the experience one is having, allowing the practitioner to make optimal decisions according to what is felt (what the body is saying), creating the environment for healing. Focus is also the clearing of the mind of all else, allowing for meditation (quietness), giving the busy brain a rest from old mental habits, like the redundant, recycled, unnecessary thoughts that are constantly passing through our head — judgment, resentments, criticism, competitiveness that contribute to and facilitate stress. Stress may be the largest factor in dis-ease. For a yoga practice to be “Advanced” one needs to understand it is not the degree of physical difficulty, but the degree of quietness, gentleness and sensitivity!

Worlds Yoga classes are for all levels and the curriculum allows a practitioner to develop at his/her own pace.  As many of us on this yogic path come to realize that this is the path of enlightenment and Worlds Yoga is in support of this with Practice, Meditation & Dharma.