What Makes Worlds Yoga Teacher Training Unique?

Unique Broad-Based Approach and Methodology

Worlds Yoga Teacher Training is a broad-based comprehensive program designed to provide an immediate grasp of relevant concepts, while also providing a solid foundation on which to build additional learning. Rather than preparing trainees to deliver a narrow sequence in a specific style of yoga practice, the Worlds Yoga program covers the fundamental topics that underlie all styles of yoga. Our trainees develop a basic understanding of yoga that allows them to become knowledgeable and effective teachers.

Worlds Yoga Teacher Training unique methodology is based on our innovative concept of Mini Sequences. A Mini Sequence is a building block that (1) can be expanded or shortened and made more challenging or easier; and (2) can be easily combined with other Mini Sequences to build a full practice sequence of any length and at any level. Our trainees go beyond individual yoga poses and learn about the various relationships between and among yoga poses, as well as how to characterize, classify, and analyze the poses based on those relationships.

Free Access to Worlds Yoga Classes

Worlds Yoga studios offer more than 120 classes per week. Those classes cover various styles of yoga at different levels and are taught by more than 40 experienced teachers employed by Worlds Yoga. Our teacher trainees may attend any of these classes during their training period without charge. This benefit allows Worlds Yoga teacher trainees to experience different styles of yoga, different styles of teaching, and the topics that are covered in their program – all in a real-world setting.

A Jump Start to Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Worlds Yoga Teacher Training graduates get help and encouragement along the path to becoming a yoga teacher. With multiple studios, over 40 yoga teachers, and more than 120 classes a week, Worlds Yoga can offer valuable opportunities to its graduates who want to become yoga teachers. Our teacher training graduates are given priority in assisting, subbing, and eventually teaching Worlds Yoga classes.

Worlds Yoga also offers a formal mentorship program upon graduation. The New Teacher Mentorship program sponsors Community classes that are taught by Teacher Training Graduates registered in the Mentorship program. These well-attended Community Classes are free and open to the public. The classes are supervised by Mentorship Program faculty members, who work with the new teachers and provide them guidance and feedback.